It is important to remember that your body is constantly changing–pumping out new cells to replace old ones on a regular basis. You are always healing and adapting. In a 24 hour period there is a lot of turnover happening. During this time, your body is ramping production up or down, just like a business. It operates based on demand and expected future demands from current and past stresses.

That is why we store or burn fat, build or breakdown muscle, increase or decrease bone density, and lay down more or less scar tissue. We are the most beautiful of machines–the kind that are always changing and adapting to stress.

Tissue remodeling occurs because of stress, or the lack thereof. Either your body receives a signal to store, build, or increase production or it receives no signal at all. The latter tells the body to do the opposite:  decrease production, breakdown structure, and get rid of excess.

Life is a series of up and down stresses, and “healthy” is finding the right balance of stress. Too much stress can cause damage; too little stress tells your body certain things are not needed.

All our bodies need to find the appropriate amount of tissue remodeling so that we maintain strength, avoid injury, and prevent atrophy. Use it or lose it.